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We Repair almost all Brands of Cars

Preventive  Maintenance 

In Priventive Maintenance  we check every area of regular maintenance due from oil change to all other oil lavels and  all below points.

  • Lube oil and Filter Service
  • Transmission Flush
  • Coolant Flush
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Power Steering Fluid Flush
  • Fuel Injector Flush
  • Differential / Transfer Case Service
  • Spring / Fall Inspections
  • Dealer Recommended

Drivability & Engine lights

we check for all the issues for Drivability and engine lights.

  • Diagnostic analysis of drivability issues
  • Diagnose check engine & other warning lights
  • Diagnose and repair electrical issues
  • ECU and BCM programming and updating (most vehicles)

Engine and Transmission

Engine is a hart of Automotive so we check all the main issue and defects of engine and transmission and fix according .

  • Tune ups and intake service
  • Cylinder Head replacement and machining
  • Intake gasket replacement
  • Cylinder head gasket replacement
  • Engine reseals and replacement
  • Transmission repair and replacement
  • Diesel engine repair

Tires & Breaks

we check for all the issues for tires and breaks.

  • Brake Inspections
  • Replacement and service of disc brake systems
  • Replace and service of drum brake systems
  • Machining of drums and discs
  • Replacement of calipers, wheel cylinders & flex hoses
  • Brake line Replacements and repairs
  • ABS diagnostics, service and repairs


    Suspension and Steering

    We check all the bad parameter of suspension and steering  and fix according .

    • Complete suspension system inspections
    • Computerized Alignment
    • Replacement of Shocks and Struts
    • Replacement of Ball joints
    • Inner and outer Tie rod ends
    • Service and replacement of Wheel bearings
    • Power steering racks and hydraulic system service and repairs
    • Stabilizer link kits, bushings and stabilizer bars
    • Life time warranty parts available

    Emission Cantrol

    We check all the bad parameter of suspension and steering  and fix according .

    • Emissions testing vehicles since 1988
    • Emission failure Diagnostic and Repair

    Fuel System

    We check fuel system and fix according .

    • Fuel line repair and replacement
    • Fuel pump
    • Injector flush and replacement

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